Monday, May 16, 2016

Three Reasons Why

    In my opinion The Giver movie is better than the book because it leaves you feeling more satisfied, but still curious. The whole movie I feel like I am on the edge of my seat. This may be because I am interested in fast paced things instead of things that take really long.
     In the movie Jonas gets help from his friends, while in the book he is supposed to work alone with only a little help from the Giver. This made it have more conflict and excitement for example; a motorcycle chase. In the book you feel like Jonas doesn't really have good friends due to them not understanding Jonas and not being mentioned as much. On the other hand in the movie Jonas gets help from them and they trust him understanding that he needs to do what he is doing. The giver says in the book “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared”. I didn’t feel that Jonas was really lonely which made me happy. I also feel like they actually applied, the sharing of memories part to the movie for example; when Jonas showed Fiona the excitement of the sled memory by sliding down a long stairwell on food trays.
    Another reason that I think the movie is better is because they made the chief elder a sort of villain. In the book it was made out that Jonas was going against the whole community. But in the movie the Chief Elder tries to prevent Jonas from leaving. Showing that it is him going against the community, but it shows more about him against the chief elder. “When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time.” so says the chief elder in the movie. This one quote shows that she knows only the pain that Rosemary gave, unlike the book where it wasn’t even mentioned that she knew. The book just mentioning the chief elder once wasn’t enough for me. I enjoied getting to know the different side of the character that the movie showed me.
    Yet another change were the ages of Fiona, Asher, and Jonas from twelve (in the book) to sixteen (in the movie). I think this was because it is a more accurate time for “stirrings” or hormones to occur since hormones start to kick in around that age. The age difference made it more believable in my opinion because I couldn’t imagine a twelve year old going through the desert and snow with an infant. A sixteen year old is more mature and would probably be able to handle extreme situations better than a twelve year old, thus making the movie more believable.
    In conclusion, there are so many other reasons why I think The Giver movie is better than the book. The changes may not be that big, but they lead up to more exciting moments that leave me wanting to see more. Instead of a slow paced story that left me wondering, but wasn’t as exciting as the movie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Idea of Utopia

In the article Why has Utopia failed, the author says " But did you realize, utopia literally means "no place"? The Greek word ou means no and topos means place.", "Indeed there is " no place" on earth where human beings are all living together in real peace, with real harmony, experiencing lives frre of worry, stress, or pain." I think that this is a very true statement that shows we can't live without pain and stress, our feelings. Our human nature just won't allow it, and life without feelings isn't a way to live it isn't even living at all. And yes even though we would have peace whats the point if you don't have the feelings to enjoy it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Utopia Doesn't Exist

In the article Utopia Does Not Exist and Will Not Exist, , the author makes some good point about human nature. Like when they said "We have bad and we have good and we have a population that is still growing and expanding, therefore, more bad and more good". I think that the author is meaning that everyone has different lives some people decide to do bad thing and those choices can effect the other people. So unless everyone can make the right choices, which won't happen since humans arn't perfect, we can not live in a utopia.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

That's Going Too Far

   Today I read another article about screen free week called No TV, and the author mentioned something she had just searched."I just looked it up—99% of Americans own at least one television set. Along with this statistic I found several articles, all speculating about the true nature of those radical enough to go TV-less, one even going as far to say that TV occupies a spot among food and shelter as one of the basic necessities of life." That is just crazy. I think that this shows a really good point because really the only thing that should be a necessity in life is food, water, and air. There may be more but really you can live without a television. Really, and it's proven this girl does. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Should Our School Participate In Screen Free Week?

      Today I read The Best Week of the Year,
and in this article the author quoted Vicki at Flipzles "...Kids still love to make mud pies, build, sort, solve and daydream. I just need to remember to let them." I think that this girl makes a good point. While she is talking about taking care of her children I am talking about the devises part where she is saying not all children need a devise, they can do other things. Like going outside and interacting with others. I believe this because we might just need a break from all this stuff anyway, and it might even make us relax a little more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Lone Wolf

One Thursday evening I walked into my grandpa’s house a cold place where you always have to wear a jacket. Where as expected he said “Oh, here comes trouble, now what do you want”. He like to tease me a lot that's just how our relationship is. We enjoy laughing together so I visit him often. “I would like to interview you for my class project.” I said with a laugh. “ Oh right you wanted to do that, but the games on Maddy.” He tried to turn back to the game. “Can’t you spare five minutes?” I asked. “I guess but I am not turning the game off.”. So, we started talk and I asked my first question.
“What was the relationship with your family when you were my age?” I started. I know how my grandpa likes to talk so I tried to find questions that he had to think back on. He always stutters when recording. Turning the volume on the television down he started the interview.
"Uhmm...Pretty good, my mother was a stay at home mom who was just starting to go to work at the church and my dad worked a regular schedule so we spend time together as a family.” He tried to end the interview quickly.
“Did you have any siblings?”I added trying to get him to add more to the story that yes or no. He’s always this way when he’s involved in something and he doesn’t want to be interrupted. I on the other hand never listen.
“Of course I had two brothers and a younger sister I was the oldest of four”. There he went again trying to weasel his way out of it. I guess that’s why he teases me while I work because I do it to him when he is watching or doing something. But, I know when enough is enough and I don’t see him angry a lot.
“And what was your relationship with them?” I hope that he realizes what I’m trying to do. Either that or I need a commercial to come on that, or half time.
“Uhmm we a argued a lot we fought a lot uhh and because of my school activities we did not interact a lot.”
“Is your relationship better than back then?” I asked taking the opportunity that the commercial gave me to get as much as I could out of him. And hoped it would work since my wish for a commercial came true.
“Uhh mm I guess uh we are all grown up and matured we do not fight as much anymore in fact we do not fight at all and my brother Doug and I am pretty close my sister I talk to her but we do not feel all that close and my youngest brother I hardly ever see him and I do not feel like I am close to him at all.”
“How did you decide what you wanted to do when you were able to get a real job?” Moving on from that I asked question number two. I was sure this would get the most out of him. Even my grandma knows about this, and that’s probably why I know a lot will come out of this question.
“Hehehe well when I was young was 12 years old when I got my first full-time job I worked at a gasoline station. Uhmm back then the rules were a lot different so young people could get jobs and work. Uhmm I worked a lot of different jobs in my life. I worked at a Ford dealership down here in Town, The grocery store bagging groceries, I worked as a janitor cleaning the bank which at that time was great western now is chase bank in San Luis Obispo, I worked as a cowboy in Santa Margarita in a feedlot riding a horse and pushing cows around, I was a salesperson for Ksb radio, I did all kinds of jobs, and even worked as a cook in a girls scout camp. I did not have a favorite to me they were just jobs they were not long term careers. I did it just to make money and I thought of work as something I just had to do to make money. I was not like the kids now days where I did not get a lot of allowance. I was expected to do chores for free and if I wanted stuff I had to go out and earn the money to pay for it, and by the time I was 12 years old I was buying my own clothes buying my own stuff and I did not expect my parents to get me anything.”IMG_1175.JPG
“Did you have any children that bullied you are now friends with?” I knew about how my grandpa was tall so I wondered if any kid had the courage to bully him. Or if he perhaps was the bully.
“No I did not have any bullies when I was growing up of course I was the biggest kid in school, I was 6 feet tall in the six grade so I was already as tall or taller than my teachers and nobody messed with me.”
“Did you have any like other kids that were scared of you at your school?” Of course he did I thought to myself.
“I think a few but I was an easy going guy and did not make enemies I did not have any close friends but I did not have any enemies either all I played where sport I did not have anyone I cared about.”
I was fairly surprised at the last answer I didn’t realize he didn’t have many friends. He has friends now so I just naturally assumed that at least some of them were from his school years. “When you were younger how do you imagine yourself today how is it similar or different?”
 “When I was younger I did not have an imagination about my future I just assumed that I would get a job and work for the rest of my life like my father did and I did not have a plan when I graduated high school I did not know what I wanted to do Uhmm I did not want to go to college I did not have a career goal and that's kind of how I ended up in the army because I got drafted”
“What subject did you excel in when you were in school and how does that help you now?” Even though he worked a job as a teacher I didn’t expect that answer because when I have trouble with my homework he’s always the one to help me. Plus, most of the time I get it right.
“I did not excel in any subjects at school Uhmm I was a pretty lazy student I did not try hard I did not do homework I did not read the books uhm but school was not that hard for me uhm I was pretty bored in school so the only thing I excelled at was sports and I played every sport you could imagine basketball football track cross-country tennis golf so I played all kinds of stuff and I did play baseball when I was young.”
“Were there any clubs at your school that you did?” Oh maybe that's not the right question I thought he might not have done clubs because of his lack of friendship back then.
“Oh a few clubs I did not get actively involved in them because they interfered with my sports him but occasionally I would attend a club meeting because of a girlfriend.”
“What were your school years like did you have lots of friends?” I kind of feel like he has answered this question before. Maybe because of his tendency to drift from topic that he’s answered this already.
“No I did not have lots of friends I had a few friends they tended to be outsiders like me people that did not care about friendships and such stuff I would say I was a bit of a loner.” he finished.
David Allen Glidden is a 65 year old man which you wouldn’t guess at first glance either. A person with broad shoulders, approximately 6 foot that wears a men's 11 ½ shoes. Who likes to travel the world and has a gruff voice. A straight nose that is not pointed, thin lips, hazel eyes, and big ears that are getting larger. With brown hair that is now white and a chin with small hairs that are like that as well. Who has a Santa belly, a warm smile, but also a tired expression.  
When he talks he stutters and actually thinks about what he’s going to say before he say it. A gruff voice that sounds a little bit over powering and every time you talk to each other you have to take him serious. Though you would not know that he was a bit of a loner because of his matter of fact tone. He talks confidently you would think that he was one of the popular kids at school that he’d be part of the clique when he wasn’t he was just a nice guy.
Is a person who is wonderful to be around when you are around him you will definitely laugh he has a wonderful sense of humor and is a delightful person. He is an intelligent person who tries to get things done, but at the same time a bit of a loner. He doesn’t have many friends from when he was in school, so he usually just hangs out with me his awesome and only granddaughter. He always lends me a helpful hand and can never say no to someone in need. Plus if something hurtful would happen or be said you would never expect to hear if come from him. And even if he were to be seen as a bully because of his height in school you would never think that now.
In conclusion, I learned that my grandfather didn’t have many friends and that surprised me because of his easy going personality, and the way he is so good with people. But I guess that could have come from all the jobs he had back then. Though I believe that the most interesting information was about him getting drafted for the war. Where he had no one he knew going to either of the places, but still decided to go and take his chances. And I think that I might not have been able to do that if I were in his shoes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Expendable girl

An Expendable girl
I'm not really his daughter, I mean my mom abandoned me when I was only 7 now I'm 13, and I know I'm known as a low life no different than me living out in the cold as a cockroach. I mean I have nothing special about me all I can do is assist in deliveries and cleaning the equipment when needed(and that could even be everyday). But, at least i’m not the one known for stealing grain like Jason, he would steal the amount supposed to be given and end up getting double when the time came for payment. Anyway, people call me Madison Weep ‘cause I cry all the time. I live in the mill as a helper to Jason Swindler. And if I screw up again then i'll be left in the cold. I usually just mess up when i’m supposed to be directing the flour from the shoot into the sacks, but i’ve gotten pretty good at that recently.
My eyes are burning tears streaming down my face the town boys are shouting at me for my father being a dirty cheat. “ I don't know why your father has not gotten his hands chopped off”, “ I mean just last week he stole half our grain,but nobody believes a kid like me.” it was Max, he thinks he’s so cool,but he’s not. “Leave her alone!”, it was my friend Rosey Baker, she's the baker's daughter, and she's always saving me like that after all I am just an expendable girl, the miller's daughter to be exact.
 After some swift yelling from Rosey the boys left in a hurry, “T-t-thanks” I managed to mumble. “ No problem, the least I could do” she replied, “I swear they only listen to you!” I was quite shocked at how the level of my voice changed, a few people were looking but Rosey didn’t seem to notice. “Seems that way, doesn’t it” she said with a giggle knocking me out of my trance. She picked up the baskets, hers was filled with luke warm bread. “I'm serious! You’re the only one that always comes and saves the day. You know it’s because Max fancy’s you” I blurted. “ Well, he’ll just have to fancy someone else than, that jerk. He picks on people who can’t stand up for them selv…” she looked at me, a pleading expression on her face, “Sorry”. “It’s ok, you heard them. I’m just the expendable girl” a sigh escapes my dry lips, I look down at the basket, I almost topple over when I take it from her hand.“ Oh stop, it’s really your father that you should be ashamed of.” I start to walk off and when I look back to see Rosey she’s gone,faded into the distance.
“Where were you!” it was Jason he had his large rough fist up in the air ready to hit me. “ I was giving the flour to Rosey Baker, like i was instructed” I crippled under his large shadow.His voice was ringing in my ears “I’m sorry, the village boys were picking on me again..” my voice grew quiet, “Speak up you lousy driggle draggle !” he lunged toward me. My feet weren't working I couldn’t run, all I could do was stand there,transfixed on his cold and dark expression. What did I do, did I mess with the Quern-Stone, and screw up the undershot paddles again. His fist collided with my dirt covered skin, my head was forcefully hit to the ground. And all I could see was darkness, and I knew that for all the suffering he’s given me I would take revenge.
When I awoke outside the mill a man was approaching me,“ I will need your assistance in removing the miller from this current situation,and with your help I will give you what you wished for.” he spoke quite sure of himself. My head hurt and my mind started wandering, what could he mean, and finally we went over a plan and I was off. All I had to do was give Jason this letter to inform him of someone who did not give him his payment (which according to the stranger should be the midwife), and when he goes to steal his payment back have the townsfolk ready and watching. This would be my chance at revenge. I’m walking along the path when someone shoves me. “Hey, look who it is.” it was Max with a smirk on his face. This whole bullying thing is starting to make me angrier than ever before. “I’m not in the mood,Max” I spat his name, and you could tell he was surprised by the way he shifted his feet. But then I got an Idea why don't we get Max to help. “Hey Max would you mind helping Rosey and me on something important.” I could see the distrust melt out of his eyes when I mentioned Rosey. “Of course..” he spoke as if he’d do anything for her. “Gather up all the village except Jason Swindler and have them hide around the midwife's house.” He nodded and ran off in the other direction.
When the time came Jason was there as planned with the whole village watching he walked in and started going through the cabinets until he found the honey that she was storing, he slipped it in his pocket and went to leave only to be greeted by the whole village ready to chop off his hands. He scanned the crowd with a death glare and then his eyes landed on me.”You” he pointed his shaking finger at me, “You did this, you set me up.” that is the moment I cracked. “NO, I didn’t do this to you, you did this to yourself, You are a dirty, miserable person who deserves to have his hands cut off!” All of my rage for his yelling, the threats, and the bullying all came out at once. I stood there and told myself no more,no more crying I would no longer be known for my weeps. I turned away from the man who used to be my father and started walking. I at that moment realized that I’m worth more than just an expendable girl  I can do so much more. I hadn’t thought about it much but since the age of seven I grew up to the racking of the chain hoist lifting the grain to the sack floor ,to the steady running of the runner wheel connected to the drive shaft, and watching Jason lower the millstone according to the grade of flour being produced. While waking up to the sound of the pumping water outside. Now that I think of it I know how to run a mill.
I sat down by the steam that made the mill work and let out a deep sigh. I did it I got him, the lord would need someone with hands to run the mill so he would put in a new miller. No more though I can’t stand being here in this village anymore. and that's when It hit me i'll start over. A new life, a new me, but i'll make sure to say goodbye to the only one who cared, Rosey, I would get the town scribe to write her a letter.
For most of my life I had been an expendable girl but now I know that I was only expendable because I thought so myself and not being able to do things would be expendable. But I can now do many things,so I walk to face what my life now faces me in a new town full of new people who knows what might happen. But, maybe I might become a better miller than that Jason Swindle ever was. Madison Mills has a good ring doesn't it.

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